William Faulkner once wrote that, “the only thing worth writing about is the human heart in conflict with itself.” This quote has always moved me. As such, this blog won’t focus on only LGBTQ issues, or only bisexual issues, but it will focus on the interesting and conflicting spaces  in my life. The intersectional spaces. Whatever spaces are worth examining. I will probably write a lot about politics, religion, LGBTQIA issues, love, food, financial planning, and essentially anything that might get me disinvited from the neighborhood BBQ.

But then in the eleventh hour, I will attempt to win people over with my sense of humor. You see, I really do love BBQ.

House Rules:
Rule #1 -Don’t say anything to me or any others that you wouldn’t say to me (or others) in real life if we were all chatting over a cup of tea in my living room.

Rule #2-  Come and go as you please.  I’ll leave the porch light on for you.

Rule #3- Participate as much or as  little as you want. If you’re a creative person or you make creative things, feel free to share those things with me.  Send me links to poetry, prose, rap, that youtube video of the swan you made out of popsicle sticks, etc.. I don’t care if you’re a housewife who writes poetry or a publishing professional. I don’t care if you’re a Hollywood actor or an accountant who studies improv.

Rule #4- I love direct feedback if it’s genuine and constructive. Feel free to give me direct feedback about my writing. What inspired you? What made you laugh? What made you angry? What provoked thought?  My only request is that whether you’re sharing praise or constructive feedback–See Rule #1 first.

This about covers it for the rules session.