If I Could…

If I could…

I’d spend all day putting flowers in your hair 

admiring them generously 

 Until they  fell one by one 

And I’d stay till the very last one 
If I could…

I’d spend all day with a babe in arms 

rocking her tenderly

As the fragrance of a newborn 

Wafts through the air 

Pleasant like chamomile 

With pages unwritten and life unlived 

I would dream such beautiful dreams for her 

As she dreams 

She has no idea what she’s got herself into 

But here she is, this little human

She’s in it now

Fully steeped in this thing called life
If I could….

I’d be cocooned with you under covers 

With our bodies pressed together

Counting each individual heart beat 

I would say all the numbers, until they ran out

Until our time is up

If I could…

I’d let you take a journey 

Inside my heart and my head 

To see yourself through my eyes 

Most days, you’d be amazed

If you could see you

the way I see you

If you could see you 

Through my eyes
If I could…

I would dance with you

All night under moonlight 

Into daylight

 In search of next evenings starlight 

Until we danced our way to the end of love
If I could…

I would follow you 

To the world’s end 

To find where it begins 

Or all the way back to Texas 

Which if you ask a Texan

Texas is where the world begins and ends

Y’all have your own version of history
If I could…

I’d give you a bird called hope

And fasten wings to your dreams

I’d spend my whole life learning how to fly 

In a magnificent V with our flock

Alongside you, propping you up

But never holding you back

Or holding you down

Forever chasing the sun 
If I could…

I would give you the first apple 

I would give you the first bite

from any tree 

from every tree 

I’d be generous, extravagant, wasteful even 

Until we were wasted by love

As if Eve had been exonerated 

As if Eve had been found not guilty, redeemed 

And Eden herself had welcomed us home 

If I could…

I’d spend eternity 

lost in Paradise with you 

And  when people alluded to paradise lost

I’d read defiant poetry 

About paradise regained, 

Reclaimed In a series of eternal moments 

All around us 

With hidden portals and openings

revealing all the thin places marrying heaven to earth 

At the joints and mixing them 

At the marrow or the bone

These portals however fleeting, 

Are just aching to be discovered 

By wanderers, seekers, adventurers

as they bend time for awhile 

And tease us 

With a taste of such sweetness 

That it haunts us forever

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