The Hug


The space between us is bridged by a hug
drawn tight, held close, full bodied
My shoulder pressed against your chest
I could feel the strength of your heartbeat
We were not about to become familial
but we were both family

And you were lost
And I was lost
But together we were found
Like more than one cord
we would not be easily broken
like ships come to shore
like a lighthouse searching rough waters
like a found poem
of bodies in motion
or full body prayer
like a net cast around you
drawing you inward
like a wildfire of roses
blushing to full bloom

Relax. Release yourself
from the prison of deprivation and fear
Like a skilled cleansing agent
Let it run to your marrow,
cleansing all the way to your bone
Like a warm blanket
wrapped tight and snug
You around me and me around you
Like a cheerleader to an encourager
And an encourager to a cheerleader
Calling each other home

To the safety we hadn’t yet known
It’s not about doing great things
it’s about doing small things
and doing them with great love
“I really needed that hug,” you said
“Thanks,” I said, “me too”

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